about us :)

Fever Boutique is a small online business established in Brisbane, Australia where you can find cute and trendy clothes. Our shop Fever is an online boutique for woman’s fashion containing not only clothes but shoes, jewellery and more for all ages, seasons and events of the year. Our clothes are specifically designed for all body types, figures and with the best materials and fabrics there are. Most of our clothes are made with the softest cotton and polyester we could find so when you put them on you feel at home. We also try our best to look after our animals and our environment by using faux leather and fur in all of our clothes that that are made with those materials.

Fever boutique is constantly re – stocking as soon as items sell out and has fast shipping for those who order, along with having more than five new items in our shop every week and have great shipping worldwide. When you buy, your order will have been shipped within the next 24 hours and you can sign up to our website to get new discounts which we have often and have discount codes that you can find regularly on our social media @ffeverboutique on Instagram and FeVER on Facebook. With Australia day coming up here, we have decided to give you all a discount code that can be available on our social platforms stated above and have many of our best stuff on sale for up to 60% off which you will be able to use worldwide.

Here at Fever you will not only find a variety of trendy clothes but jewellery, shoes, activewear and more as well. We have been very careful to choose items that will be the right fit for any occasion or event such as working out, everyday wear, fancy parties, casual gatherings or relaxing at home. Our team have made sure that you are receiving some the best clothes with much variety including colours, lengths, shapes, waist lengths and much more. With our jewellery, you can also find different styles of earrings, rings and bracelets in which some you can customise the colour scheme.

We hope you love our store just as much as we love giving and providing to you and have fun picking out your clothes with us because that’s what we are all about. Hope to see you there and don’t forget to sign up to see all of our discount codes which we give regularly and follow us on our social medias to see when we re – stock or have new items in, and feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns to CustomerService@shopfever.com.au.

- the Fever team <3